Cats are predatory hunters and hunting is an inborn need. How can you help an indoor cat get the good mental and physical exercise needs met by hunting?

We have a very tall mutli-layered cat tree, a cat tower, a cat tube, a hide-the-food toy, a ball in a circular track toy, several various cat teasers, a laser toy and little soft balls and fuzzy mice for them to bat around. Every time someone comes home with a large paper bag or cardboard box, the cats get to use it as their toy for a day or two.

They have very different playing styles – Lumi likes to climb, hide and hunt, and will chase whatever toy up the cat tree, in the tunnel, on the tower, over and over again. She gets a lot of exercise. One of her favorite private spots is the hammock at the top of the cat tree, near the ceiling. Lovey, on the other hand, prefers to play while laying on her back, swatting with the toys if they get close enough. She is more likely to chase after a ball, but it is a rare event to see her climb.

They both are very tolerant of our young daughter who likes to pick them up 100 times a day and make forts for them to hide in. Lumi even likes to go for rides in our daughter’s doll stroller (we make sure her tail is nowhere near the wheels)!

The sisters wrestle and play with each other daily and will bring the toy of their choice to one of us when they want to play with a person.

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