What are the positive effects of neutering a kitten that will not be used in a breeding program?

  • Life without the hormonal fluctuations is easier and more harmonious for you and your cat
  • Intact males (when not breeding) can become hormonally frustrated (e.g. tense, restless, vocal, with loss of appetite) and are also more likely to spray/mark their territory (including everywhere in your house)
  • Intact males, when allowed to roam, can get into fights with other males over females and can wander so far away looking for a mate that they may never return
  • Intact males can become aggressive (e.g. biting)
  • Intact females will lose her appetite during her heat and cry very loudly (often at night) and can even start spraying
  • Intact females are at a higher risk of developing ovarian cysts and pyometra (uterine infection)
  • Long term use of contraceptive pills could increase risk of pyometra and mammary tumors in females
  • Contraceptive injections can cause painful mammary enlargements with skin lesions
  • Unwanted/unplanned litters of kittens brings unnecessary emotional and financial burdens to your family

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