Lumi is our frisky, super hero Ragdoll, able to leap tall buildings (i.e. cat towers) in a single bound and vaulting herself into the air, with impressive flips and turns, after her current favorite feather “cat catcher”.

She plays hard and rests hard, and when our daughter was in preschool, she loved to snuggle together for 2 hour power naps every day, without fail.

For all the energy she expends, she is a dainty little eater, preferring to nibble a bite here and there throughout the day. Conversely, her sister Lovey has a voracious appetite, and we quickly realized that unless we get a microchip feeder for Lumi, given the chance, Lovey will eat the equivalent two cats’ worth of food each day. She is a very quick learner – the instructions on the microchip feeder warned that learning a cat to use the feeder was a multi-stage process, which each stage taking up to several days. Lumi figured it out in one night.

Like most Ragdolls, she is very social, choosing to hang out in whatever room the family is spending time in and greeting us at the door whenever we come home.

Lumi is a WCF (World Cat Federation) registered Ragdoll (RAG n 03 – seal/brown masked bicolor). She’s gorgeous and absolutely lovely. She is a perfect family cat and will no doubt enjoy a pampered life, with none of the demands that show cats and breeders have.