About SE*Gullivänsans

SE*Gullivänsans is SVERAK registered breeder of purebred Ragdoll cats, located in Abrahamsberg, Bromma, where we three humans live with two cats (and sometimes kittens) in a sizable top floor apartment. We have a large balcony with a lovely park view, and plenty of cat trees, cat towers, cat tunnels, cat toys to keep our indoor cats safe and feeling happy and stimulated.

The driving force behind our small home cattery is me, Karin Taylor Wu. By profession, I am a US licensed naturopathic physician. Together with my husband, we work part time from home and part time at Hälsans Hus in Stockholm, on alternating schedules, so that between us and our elementary school aged daughter, our family-loving Ragdolls are rarely left at home alone, and never for more than 6 hours at a time.

Our cats enjoy regular outings in the park outside our flat (on a harness and leash), and in the warmer months, we are very fortunate to be able to spend much time in Stockholm’s northern archipelago, where we have an outdoor cat shelter for our cats to enjoy the Swedish countryside.

What does "Gullivänsan" mean?

While I was born and raised in the US and migrated to Sweden only as an adult, my maternal grandmother, “Mormie” was Swedish. When she was feeling overcome by our cuteness or sweetness, she would call my sisters and I “gullivänsan,” which is a (made up?) word that combines “gullig” (sweet/cute), “vän” (friend) and “san” (a common addition to exclamations, for example, hejsan is an alternative way to say ‘hello’, and jajamensan, is an emphatic agreement).

Why choose a Gullivänsans Ragdoll?

In each litter, our kittens are treated as our fur babies, raised with love and attention to detail. During their time in our home, they live under the watchful eye of their mother, have many opportunities to socialize with us, with their cat auntie, and with various adults and different aged children. They are comfortable with the regular noises of all kinds of household appliances, with kids playing in the house, with kids and dogs playing in the park below, the sounds of traffic, and can go for necessary car rides (we find a covered cat carrier works best), so that they meet our goals of being the healthiest, most well tempered, socialized and stunningly beautiful purebred kittens by the time they are ready to be adopted into their forever homes.

All cats from Gullivänsans are:

Vet checked, vaccinated, ID marked, neutered, and pedigreed

When they ready to come home to you, our kittens have been vaccinated two times, health inspected by a veterinarian, microchipped marked, and neutered (unless we have a specific breeding agreement), and come with their own pedigree. 

We breed pedigree Ragdolls with a low inbreeding rate and they come insured for “hidden issues” that may arise within the first three years of life.

Well socialized

Our kittens have met children, feel comfortable in times of peace and quiet, as well as in the mini chaos that can be family life.

They have been stimulated with age appropriate play with, are secure to be left to themselves for a few hours at a time, and very, very well loved.

They have been bathed at least one time and are comfortable getting their nails clipped. They have been for car rides and are confident to be in a cat carrier. They are of course litter box trained!

Our goal is to raise healthy, well adjusted, self confident, curious, beautiful cats who love to love.


Our first breeding Queen, Lovey (S*Spinn-o-viftas Eowyn) is herself a beautiful cat and she has beautiful babies! We committed to breeding with studs who are are both fine representations of Ragdoll breed standards, have a good temperament, and a compatible pedigree.

Our breeding program is designed to limit the potential for any of the health problems that come from inbreeding and/or poorly chosen matings.