2022 Kittens are here!

Our 2022 kittens are here!

We are so excited to welcome Lovey’s (S*Spinn-o-viftas Eowyn) and Tusse’s (SE*Söders Totodile) first litter! Two beautiful, healthy babies arrived 12 August 2022 and will be available for adoption in early – mid November 2022.

Please email me if you would like to join the waiting list to adopt a kitten!

About the “Xiao” litter

Xiao is a Mandarin word for “little,” and I chose this as the name of the litter because we had a small litter of just two beautiful babies. In China, xiao is also used as a term of endearment, so of course that fits well too! For the first month of their lives, I was able to work solely from home and give post-natal support to mama Lovey. With this litter (her first), she wanted a lot of attention and praise. My job was mothering the mother, and that gave her the support she needed to be a very attentive and caring mother herself.

During this sweet and intense time period, I often thought of all the human mothers of newborn babies out there in our modern and hectic world who sadly do not get the care they need, and how common it is for these women to suffer from feelings of isolation and postpartum depression.

Post-partum doulas – the unsung heroines of new motherhood!

Meet Xiao Biggie (“Biggie”)

SE* Gullivänsans Xiao Biggie, a very handsome fellow, 13 weeks old

From the first day, Biggie has been a big! He has always been at least 20% larger than his sister, MiMi. He was the first to walk, first to climb, first to use the litter box.

From the beginning, he has also been “matglad” a Swedish term that means “happy for food” – he was very good at nursing and often pushed his sister out of the way when he was hungry. Once it was time to introduce solid food, it became a little challenge for me to see that he didn’t eat up all of his share, and then start working on his sister’s! Biggie will need his meals correctly proportioned, I always recommend going by the guidelines provided on the back of the bag of food (I use Royal Canin), and have daily opportunities for lots of play and exercise.

Please don’t get into the bad habit of feeding your cat human food or by showing affection by giving treats! It is not healthy for them to eat human food or to eat too many kitty treats (you can think of treats as cookies or candy…a little once in a while is fine, but you don’t want to overdo it). Interestedly, a study by French researchers that was published last month (Oct 2022) in the journal Animal Cognition found that not only do cats react to what scientists call cat-directed speech — a high-pitched voice similar to how we talk to babies — they react to who is doing the talking, and that unlike dogs, most cats actually prefer human interaction over other rewards like food or toys. In short, show you love your cat by actually giving love and attention to your cat!

We have a ceiling height cat climbing bag in our house, and Biggie was the best in the house at climbing to the top and then climbing down backwards. No need to call the fire station to rescue him out of a tree!

Biggie, the expert climber!

Biggie is a very handsome and photogenic boy. Those eyes! That little white dot on his upper lip! Those cute little white mittens! He is also very friendly, very trusting and very loving. He is a proper kitten with lots of rambunctiousness and curiosity but he is also a mellow guy who likes to snuggle, and often sleeps on his back (belly up), just like his mom. Biggie is not shy and longs to be friends with everyone. One of the cutest things about Biggie is despite his large size, he often communicates with a very sweet little meow, sometimes it sounds just like a kitten whisper.

We are so excited that Biggie has found his forever home up in Falun, Sweden. His adopted mother is a lifelong cat lover and cat owner, and has been expertly trained by her previous four cats (over the last 50 years) and knows exactly how to make a happy home for him. After a few hours car ride to his new home (he was relaxed enough to sleep the whole way), he felt comfortable and confident as soon as he arrived. His adopted mom knew that it would be best for him to adjust to his new home by introducing him to it one room at a time, so she had prepared everything for him in advance.

Here is what his new mama wrote to us in just the first few hours of bringing him home:

He is amazingly at home already, comes right to me, lays down and roll over on his back. He purrs❣️He’s amazing and so sweet❣️ He wants to cuddle most of the time, playing, eating a little, using the litter box! Such a fantastic little cat ❤️ He really wants to be close…and his soft little miau❣️

-Biggie’s adopted mom, very happy on day 1

It sounds like they are well on their way to being the best of friends!

Meet Xiao MiMi … coming soon

About the parents, Lovey & Tusse

Our Queen Lovey (S*Spinn-o-viftas Eowyn, you can check her pedigree here) is a stunning seal fitted bicolor with gorgeous eye color, good ear size and placement, and a nice muzzle profile. She is talkative, playful, and a very attentive mother. Lovey is very social, running to the door in greeting, and is always close by, preferring to lay beside you. Her favorite sleeping position is belly up!

Tusse (SE*Söders Totodile, you can check his pedigree here) is beautiful cream bicolor. He is a social, curious, and affectionate, also with good ear size and placement and fine muzzle profile.

Both parents are health tested for blood type, and with clear ultrasound scans of their hearts and kidneys (no HCM or PKU disease).

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