Lovey is a Ragdoll’s Ragdoll. She is athletic when she wants to be, and sometimes she is simply content lying on her back, lazily swatting at a toy … as long as it is close enough for her to make the effort.

Lovey never misses an opportunity to snuggle and like her sister, is a reliable naptime companion (she prefers to nap at the foot of the bed).

Lovey has a big appetite for affection and a big appetite for food. In order to slow her meal times down a bit, Lovey eats out of an interactive food dish, designed to stimulate her natural instincts and ability to catch food with her paws. She’s smart! It only took her a few tries to become an expert food catcher.

She and her sister are both very social, following us from room to room and forming a precious welcome home committee whenever we return after being out.

Lovey is a WCF (World Cat Federation and SVERAK) registered Ragdoll (RAG n 04 – seal/brown masked mitted). She’s stunningly beautiful, has a sweet and mellow personality, and gets along easily with everyone, including the vacuum cleaner. She is our first breeding Queen!