A cat has a behavioral need to scratch. How will you support this while keeping your furniture (mostly) intact?

We have several different scratching posts throughout the communal areas of the house. As mentioned, Lumi likes the tower and tree (sisal vertical scratchers) and Lovey prefers to be closer to the ground (cardboard horizontal scratcher). We purchased a new couch right before we got them as kittens, so we bought Feliscratch by Feliway to help mark which items were ok for scratching. If they make a mistake and go for a piece of furniture, it usually works to re-direct them (place them on a scratcher), though sometimes they get a sharp “Hey!” and then run off. The kittens are not allowed in the bedrooms unsupervised so I don’t have to worry about them scratching rugs, bedding or curtains. We is important for us that our communal areas child, cat and kitten friendly! 

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