Ragdolls are indoor cats – how will your kitten / cat get fresh air and physical exercise? 

Ragdoll breeders are very clear that an indoor lifestyle is the best choice for Ragdolls! We are a city-based home cattery. We live in a a third story apartment with a balcony. Our cats have 24/7 access to the balcony via a cat door. We have a cat net up for their safety. The summer sun can be intense, so investing in a large awning is a great way to provide shade on the balcony.

We also have harnesses and can go outside in the park on a leash. They love to explore the park are both love to chase all the bugs they can find!

In the summer we spend a few weeks in a little house out in the country. Three of four neighbors have dogs, and badgers are common, so we don’t feel comfortable letting them outside on their own while we are there. We have a sizable cat run (“catio”) that has activity areas (multi-level climbing structure) and rest areas (nest), with a rain cover that also provides potential for sun and shade.

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