What are benefits of a purebred versus a “random-bred” domestic cat?

Purebred or domestic, research suggests that having cats as pets makes our lives happier and healthier! 

Advantages of getting a Purebred cat:

  1. You can get documentation that the parents of this cat are free from genetic diseases or other hidden illnesses (and most kittens from purebred breeders are sold insured against hidden diseases for the first 1-3 years of life)
  2. You can choose a cat breed based on some physical and/or mental qualities you know you would like to have in your pet (purebred cats have highly predictable traits)
  3. You will be more likely to know the conditions surrounding the mom’s prenatal care, the kitten’s care and upbringing, including its socialization and veterinary care – likely a better “guarantee” that you will be bringing home a healthy, socially well-adjusted kitten/cat

Advantages of getting a domestic cat:

  1. You could be saving its life (e.g. if you get it from a shelter or if it ‘adopts’ you after a difficult period of life on the streets)
  2. The initial cost of obtaining the cat is mostly likely much cheaper than buying a purebred cat
  3. Often times, domestic cats (and dogs) are actually healthier because of poor breeding practices (like inbreeding, lack of testing) of some inexperienced or unethical purebred breeders

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